Gaining strong support among athletes
A genuine Japan brand
phenix is a genuine brand established in Japan at 1952. At 1955, phenix was the first brand to use nylon fabrics, the latest fabrics of the time, for ski-wears and laid the basis as one of the top ski-wear brands in the world.
For the Dhaulagiri Expedition (8167m) in 1978, we had been the first brand to support the team with newly developed down wears so that they can endure even ultra high altitude of Himalaya mountains.
We have been a official supplier of the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team, one of the top alpine ski team in the world.
Our products consist of following three core elements meeting at a high level. “Materials” and “Technologies” that bring highly satisfaction to the world’s leading athletes. And sophisticated “Sense of design” without compromising functions.
Our mission is that we continue to produce the products for the people to be able to enjoy various outdoor fields with comfy and safety. For this purpose, we continue to seek out following three  things, world-class advanced sewing technology, challenging for the functional development, and uncompromising product testing.  And lastly, we also continue to keep pride as a Japanese brand to make it cool.
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